Deeply immersed in all aspects of the property market

evidence based analysis, scientific methodology


Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures accurate and market reflective valuations which can form the basis for important decisions and provide comfort and reassurance.

Our valuation services cover all types of residential, commercial, retail and leisure properties. We provide valuations and valuation advice for a variety of purposes as required by our clients. We act for banks which require advice for mortgage or secured loan purposes. We also act for private clients and companies by providing advice for a variety of purposes including relating to taxation, acquisition, insurance, portfolio and valuations for financial reporting.

All our valuations are carried out in accordance with the RICS Valuation – Professional Standards (the ‘Red Book’), incorporating the International Valuation Standards.

Expert witness & Dispute resolution

We are experienced in providing pre-litigation advice to clients and their lawyers with respect to residential and commercial property issues, rent reviews and assessment of ‘fair rent’, divisions of property portfolios, as well as specialist areas, with a thorough approach that addresses technical and legal issues, as well as market evidence and conditions.

We are able to produce expert reports and act as expert witnesses at court hearings or provide proof of evidence for submission to independent experts.

Our advice is always impartial and uninfluenced, and above all, based upon truthful market evidence and solid scientific methodology.

Compulsory Purchase & Compensation

It is essential for property owners to obtain independent professional advice during a compulsory purchase process, to ensure the best possible value and compensation, equal to the value that could be obtained in the open market.

Initially, the amount of compensation offered (if any) is examined. If the amount of compensation is believed to be unfair, then we will provide you with a specialized, evidence-based report to be presented for negotiations with the Department of Lands and Surveys and on failure to agree with the authorities, we can also appear in court on the client’s side as an expert witness.  

Our aim is to give the right advice to the client and seek a fair compensation in order to avoid long and expensive court proceedings. 


Development & investment appraisal and Feasibility studies

We provide expert advice for purchasers and sellers of development land and buildings including conducting searches to locate development opportunities. We undertake detailed development appraisals working closely with public authority officials, architects and other design team professionals.

We can undertake pre-acquisition surveys and market analysis on all types of residential, commercial, retail and leisure properties for investment or occupational purposes. Our final, comprehensive report provides all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to proceed, safeguarding your financial investment.

Our insightful appraisals take into account the time value of money and include all relevant factors including finance, marketing, building costs and those hidden costs which may not be readily apparent. With the use of Discounted Cash Flow and Forecasting techniques, we are able to determine the market value of a site based on current market trends.

Miltiadous also offers in-depth knowledge and experience on planning policy practice, planning provisions and special incentives to maximize a property’s potential, with unrivaled attention to detail and a passion for exceeding expectations. We provide detailed reports on building density and permitted uses at the outset of the development process and can assist in getting the best result in any sale or purchase of a site.

frequently asked questions

Why are valuations needed?

Valuations are necessary because they form the basis for many financial decisions. Many businesses and individuals see having a valuation carried out as an unwanted and unnecessary expense. This is not always the case and if timed correctly and used effectively they can prove to be a great value for money investment.

What am I paying for?

Depending on the purpose of the valuation, the end result is an official valuation report based on market evidence and valuation standards, which can be presented in purchase/sale or other negotiations.

What does a valuation report include?

A valuation report usually includes property information, size of the land and building, physical details on the construction and condition of the building, details on any immediate issues that may need addressing and also includes the property’s planning particulars, market information and a value reflecting the valuation objective.

What is the valuation based on?

Most of the times, valuations are based on evidence of comparable sales of similar properties, adjusted to take into account differences in physical and legal characteristics. Some specialist properties and development land are valued using other methods, which are also based on comparable evidence.

What is required for a valuation report?

Depending on the nature of the property what is required is normally the title deed which includes the its cadastral data and states whether the property is subject to or incorporates any rights/jobs or restrictions that may affect its value. In case there is a residential or other development on the land, then the architectural plans and planning and building permits will also be requested. An inspection of the property by the valuer is also necessary.

I am looking to sell my property and the estate agent has given me his opinion on its value. Do I still need to pay for a valuation report?

Many estate agents have a good feel of the market and may be able to give a good indication of value. However, an unbiased, independent valuation report is advised as it is based on comparable evidence and ensures the best possible price which reflects the market conditions.

Why hire an RICS member to undertake a valuation?

RICS members must comply with the Red Book and valuation standards and are also bound by the RICS Rules of Conduct, which ensure integrity, a high standard of service, duty of care, professionalism, appropriate skill, experience and knowledge and objectivity in valuation reports.